Victorian Mysteries Bundle

Victorian Mysteries Bundle 1.0

Victorian Mysteries Bundle is a captivating thriller based on the classic novel (See all)

Walter Hartright is a drawing tutor hired to teach the young and beautiful Laura Fairlie the wonderful world of art. The time they spend together draws them closer, but soon Laura is promised to a nobleman. As Walter mourns the loss, his future becomes intertwined with an elusive woman in white who harbors a dreadful secret, but holds the key to winning Laura's hand. Follow along as Walter unravels a sordid tale of diabolical plots and treacherous lies. Explore beautiful Victorian mansions searching for clues about the mysterious female. Who is this Woman in White? Where did she come from? What secret is she hiding that puts her in danger? In Victorian Mysteries - The Yellow Room, you’ll solve a baffling case with inexplicable results in the captivating thriller based on the classic novel.

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